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I looked around at the other managers, and saw they were allowing all of this chaotic mess happen. I just shrugged, and went to stand next to the entrance, of the V.I.P area. I felt more at ease, standing next to the security guard than with the crew.
I was finally relaxing, when I heard a commotion happening over at the crew. I instantly turn around and went over to them. Two girls were fighting, and the boys were trying to stop them.
Elo and Hyuk Woo each were trying to pull them away from each other but failing. I growled, and got in the middle of them with ease. The moment I was, I used half my strength to push them.
Hyuk Woo and Elo stumble a bit after letting them go, but both the girls fell on their asses. They both gave me dirty looks but I just glared and growled at them both. They got scared and slowly move away from me.
"If you want to fight, take it bad vibes allow over here." I turn around to walk towards security, as they came to escort the ladies out. "Nice work..." One of them praise me, as I just went over to the bar.
I order a bottle of water, whilst rubbing the bridge of my nose. Why the hell was I here dealing with them all. It was starting to feel like I was being force to babysit everyone kids that were grown. "Hey..."
I turn to see it was Hyuk Woo that came over to me. "Are you alright?" I nodded my head, before playing for my water. "That was actually really cool what you did. I could tell you were holding back too. It was like watching a dragon telling two dogs to stop barking."
I laughed at the way he described it. "You know that girl that with Simon?" I looked at Hyuk Woo, than at Simon who was making out with the chick from before. "She always waits til one of us is plaster, then takes advantage of us."
I looked at Hyuk Woo a bit surprised, as I then noticed she took out her phone. "If we make the wrong move, she could make us look really bad." Hyuk Woo didn't even need to say another word.
I tossed my bottle water to him, before making a run for Simon. I duck, dodge, and jump over people and railings to get to Simon. The girl was about to take a selfie, of them making out, right as I grabbed her phone and broke it.
Simon and the girl were startled by my actions, as I got everyone's attention. "Yah! That was a thousand dollar phone!" I pulled out my wallet and threw all my money at her. Simon glared at me with furry, as she looked appalled.
"There, get a fucking new one, and never come back over this men again. You think they haven't noticed what you're up to?" She glared at me, as Simon step in and apologized to her. I looked over at Simon, completely stunned this time.
He then gave her money properly, before turning towards me. "What the fuck did you think you were doing!" He yelled at me, making me snap out of it. "Protecting you! She was setting you up, She was going to take a selfie of you two making out!"
I waved my hand towards her, She looked mortified as if my words were lies. Simon rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I highly doubt that..." Someone cleared his though, to get our attention.
We turn around to see Hyuk Woo was the signaling us to look his way, whilst he held her close to him. "Hyung, Lala isn't lying, we both caught her setting you up. If you haven't noticed, she the same girl that try to set Jay, and myself up previously too."
Hyuk Woo defended me, as he took back Simon's money, and summon security to take her away. "Fuck, I can't believe you remember that." The girl basically admitted to it, as she was escorted out of the club.
Simon blinked before looking back at me. I went over to Hyuk Woo and kissed his cheek, before taking the money from him. I then slam the money again Simon's chest making him cough.
"Here's your money, and see this as my way of saying I'm done. I refuse to be your manager, if you're going to believe a thot over someone that was hire to look out for you." He just blink and stood there, as I storm out of the club, and headed towards my apartment.
Someone caught me outside, and grabbed my arm. Instincts kick in though, and I turned around to twist out of their grip. Before I went to twist their arm, I noticed it was Simon. He looked shocked at my actions, as the corner of his lip twitched.
"Okay, will admit, I'm impress you know how to defend yourself, as well as know to stop." I arched and eyebrow, before using the most painful way to make him let me go fully, without breaking a bone. "Mother fucker!"
Simon release, and cringed in pain, whilst holding own arm. I used his pain as the perfect time to just walk away from him. I knew I had a 75% chance he wouldn't come after me, if I walked a public sidewalk.
It was actively crowded with people, so I could blend in among them. I knew I could of got a cab, or Uber, but I needed the fresh air to calm down.
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