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It's ya girl Kim and I know I'm a day behind (sorry, sorry!!!! I couldn't resist!!!!!) Here's your dose of Music Monday's with Super Junior M!!!!
For this week, I thought about doing a comparison of their videos in Korean and in Chinese. The first up we have is Super Girl. Me personally, I like the Korean version better than the Chinese version.
Here's the Chinese version. Oh, and one more thing. Can you spot the difference??????? Which version is your favorite????? Comment below!!!!! XOXO Kim Tagging my ELF Reps : @GamerKyumin @CuteBabyLay @KokoroNoTakara @twistedPuppy
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Both versions were good, normally I love the Chinese version but this time I preferred the Korean version. I loved Hae's hair ❤️
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I love both versions. May I be added to the Sapphire Ocean please.
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@KDramaParadise most definitely!!!!
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I love both versions ❤❤! Btw was there a suttle difference in the mv too or just the language difference?
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@szewwy there's a difference in the mvs
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