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One of the biggest problems people have with cosplaying, I've found, is figuring out how to afford to do it as well as they'd like to!

While in theory the only way to get the perfect cosplay is to have a lot of money, there are a lot of ways you can manage to budget well and cosplay without having unlimited funds!!!

I'm going to try to post some tips I've learned while cosplaying, since I'm in the same boat and trying to plan my future cosplays without spending too much $$$!!!

So I want to know: what part of your cosplays do you have the hardest time budgeting for or saving money on?

Wigs? Props? Costumes? Whatever it is, let me know! I'll do my best to post cards giving some advice about that specific part of the process & how you can make it more affordable or at least how you can budget what you can expect to spend! I can't promise that I can teach you how to save money, but I can at least help you figure out what you'll need to spend to be satisfied with your cosplay!
Let me know in the comments! <3
@LittleAika Wigs can be hard, you're right. But there are definitely affordable ones out there, or you can invest in 1 wig for a few cahracers, too!
@AnimeLove300 Thats definitely true!!! I sometimes have parts really cheap and other parts really expensive its all so confusing if you don't plan it well. And if you dont plan well you'll end up spending more than you needed to!
for the time being, it's wigs. I have to settle for black haired characters.
well I've done cosplay twice in high school; I got most of my stuff from thrift stores, but I think I was lucky they had what I needed and it was relatively cheap though I think the wig was the most expensive thing; when I made my satyr costume for Halloween last year it was expensive because of the fur fabric, but I've never made pants before so I bought more than I needed; I would say it varies per project 馃槂
props. my scythe was $175
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