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Do You Have a Case of the 월요병?

Time to learn about a phenomenon not unique to Korea...

월요병 - Monday Sickness


You know when you have a bad case of the Mondays?

You're sluggish, don't want to get out of bed, and just want the weekend to go on forever?

Yep, that's 월요병!

Does anyone else struggle on Mondays?

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I don't have a Monday to Friday type job. Monday is about the same as Wednesday or Friday or even Sunday. I do relish my off days like a gift from the heavens. I do get cases of 'don't want to go to work'. 😥😱😪
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Oh my goodness YES....Mondays are the worst! Told myself I was going to get work done today, but literally did everything in my power to procrastinate. I watched youtube, rearranged my kpop playlist, looked at stuff to buy online, even shampooed the carpet to avoid doing things....technically that was doing work, but not what I was supposed to do. Definitely a case of 월요병
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@TerraToyaSi totally agree and understand
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No I work 24/7 365 through everything I don't have a day off so everyday just blends together
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Majority of the time this card is for me.
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