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What kind of person are you when you go on roadtrips?

Do you sit shotgun and play DJ? Are you the type of person that falls asleep the moment you sit in the car? Are you the one who brings lots of snacks or is constantly hungry?
Personally, I'm the one that suddenly really has to pee out of nowhere and will probably whine about it until you find me a nice facility to do my thing. I'm basically the worst.
The person that ignores everything and have my earphones blasted pretending to be sleep.
@TonyTonyChopper That's me too
I usually have ALL of my electronics fully charged with battery packs otherwise I'm sleeping. My sister on the the other hand can hold her pee all day, but the second its roadtrip time her bladder magically becomes the size of a tic-tac and she has to pee when we're in the middle of nowhere and usually has to use a water bottle with horrible aim. I got her a Stand to Pee thing as a gag gift for XMas. She gave me the biggest F*CK YOU look ever ! 馃槀 she uses it though
I fall asleep or just staring outside with a very blank face
I'm the person who brings/buys tons of snacks and then share with everyone or eat them all by myself.
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