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I think bangs are cute but they're not for me. My skin type is combination/oily and sporty a bang will require high maintenance. I remember those days where I have to use a oil-blotting sheet to keep my forehead matte. Then, there is the morning hair touch-up routine. I envy ladies who can sport bangs without annoying hair problems.
Moreover, this summer it looks like bangs are trending, more specially multi-colored bangs. Most of the styles I've seen on insta are super dramatic. However, I do like the natural blend of purple, honey, and black (pictured above).
Here is a more dramatic example of multi-colored bangs!
What do you guys think? Do you like the subtle look or the dramatic look?
@Animaniafreak Same! My bangs grows too quickly. I think the half coloured bangs will work if the shade is close to the original hair color. Otherwise, it would look overdone.
i like it not super dramatic
Looks pretty cool, even though it's not something I'd go for, my bang grow really fast, I don't think half coloured bang would look flattering
I would have never thought of that! I like those multi colored bangs!
I like subtle