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I feel like the anime character I'm most similar to is Shinoa from Serph Of The End. We're alike in everyway except for appearance xD
The second anime character I'm most similar to is Mitsuki from Beyond The Boundaries. Mainly personality and gifts of sarcasm. I just feel like we're really relatable.
Thirdly Sora, I'm a demon at heart and pretty skilled at tricking people ^^ it's something I do both consciously and subconsciously. We also have quite a few other similar personality traits. from No Game No Life
Fourthly Robin, I can be very intellectual and I love to read. Also if I had caught Zoro carrying babies and wearing a bellybutton shirt that had a womens face and the word mama on it, I totally would have responded the way she did xD priceless xD from One Piece
Lastly Saitama, I'm really weird just like Saitama xD also we have quite a bit in common xD from One Punch Man Well that's the anime characters I'm most like. @DevilsSon @KurosakiJess
i could see zoro being a daddy but he gets lost alot sooo...He would be M.I.A
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@DevilsSon Yeah I totally can too xD Him and the kids would get lost together because they'd have his horrible sense of direction xD
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@HunnaBallue true but it does depend on the mother as well
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Yeah, maybe only half the kids xD @DevilsSon
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