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I'm running a little late into this, but i was sure to include yesterday and I'll post today a bit later, I like doing these types of things its fun. so here we go!
Day one: Who are you and why did you pick your username?
My name is too long that my initials look like a funny name, but I'm more commonly known as Angi or CF ANGi. I am 18 years old and currently working on a manga, that i hope to publish one day. I run a art group called CF GROUP where we work on recreating and selling art work. My boyfriend Rob can be seen on half the mini comics I make. I'm very energetic and lazy at the same time, i can be sweet but deadly at the same time.
My username is my artist name and the history behind it is pretty wierd...
1) when i was little i was called little potato by my older brothers because i loved to eat raw potatos (or maybe its cuz i was fat....i still eat raw potatos tho) when i 12, i tried to think of a cool nickname to give my art a kick. My twin Kristin said "why not lil' potato?" at first i was like why not but later decided not to.
2) I knew i wanted my baby nickname to be included in my artistic name, so i thought harder and while eating at a jack in the box it landed on me. A curly fry. I have naturally curly hair and usually straighten my hair, so a curly fry was a perfect for my nickname. it included my curly hair and childhood nickname but it still wasn't what i was looking for. After weeks of thinking and wondering CF ANGi was born, it was a name i that became special for me and I've stuck with it ever since.