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Welcome to today's Funny Community game - Answer With A Song!

This game is a combination of two of our other favorite games, the Song Association Game and the Interview Game. So if you liked THOSE ones, you'll LOVE this.

How To Play:

1. I begin by asking a basic question.
2. The first person to comment responds to the question with a song title. Then asks another question for the next person to answer!


Me: What would be your wrestling entrance song?
Commenter #1: "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen... What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Commenter #2: "Ham And Eggs" by A Tribe Called Quest... What's that sound?
Do you think you've got it? Let's get started!

The first question is...

What song reminds you of your years spent in middle school?

ALL I DO IS WIN by DJ Khaled What would be your ideal wedding song?
Incoherent by Josh Woodward What is one of the most overrated things in life?
everybody by backstreet boys How do you feel right now?
New York State of Mind by Jay-Z :) What's a song on the first album you ever bought?
@BeannachtOraibh what is your question
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