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What anime Character is the Black Dragon like? Well take a look.
I honestly see myself in Hikigaya more than any other character. I certainly have some differences, but they're circumstancial. I'm a very antisocial person. With people I don't know well, I prefer to say nothing to them, and have them say nothing to me. The only time I care to talk typically is with close friends. With them I let out my more fun side, but everyone else I don't really say anything to. I don't really hang out with others that often, only with good friends, and I am certainly not too emotional, except in certain circumstances. (I do laugh fairly often with friends though).
Here are two quotes that I like. 1: Fake people (who my friends and I call "Filthy Casuals"), do things to keep up their image. Real people don't care. that's how I see it. I don't care what others think of me. Of course I think ot would be better to be liked, but who cares if they don't like me? I am me. I will be myself. 2: I stay out of the way. In my friendless classes, I'm practically invisible. I go unnoticed, and stay out of other people's issues. I don't get involved, so I don't cause problems, plus I don't want to be involved with Filthy Casuals anyway. I also don't like causing trouble for others, rather I would like to help, even if nobody notices. Another thing is that, like him, I'd would do something for someone to spare them emotional pain, even if it meant I would become hated by said person and or others. (I won't say when that was for spoil reasons).
BONUS Not much makes me lose my cool or get embarrassed, and typically it only happens because of my own actions, but when I do get embarrassed, I call myself an idiot, an overreact a bit. I hide my face too. (Granted I admit he only has done this once so far, I think)
As I said, I have a few differences. These are pretty much only when I'm talking to people I'm quite well acquainted with. Honestly, I think THAT me is kind of like the him that he wanted to share, but never had the chance too. (Or I'm completely wrong) Well, that's all. I will tag two, same as before. @hikaymm @SimplyAwkward
@tayhar18920 I guess I'll tag you too.