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B2st Adventure game pt. 2
Alright thank you to those who participated last week for the first adventure game. I know a lot of you were happy with whom you got behind the door. Today is going to deal with different cities. All you have to do is comment on which One that you like. I know that it will be hard, however I'm sure you will like the results in the end. This will go on from today to Friday. On Saturday I will post the results as soon as I can.
Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Los Angeles, California
Paris, France
Seoul, South Korea
Remember to chose one and type them in the comments below. I will have the results up on Saturday. So you'll have from now to Friday to choose which country you would like to go to. After you're done choosing feel free to play the screenshots games that I have come up with. If you are not familiar with the member's check out those cards as well.
Q3 Squad
Lovely B2uties;
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Hong Kong!
a year ago·Reply
Me too - Hong Kong!
a year ago·Reply
its a tough choice but I pick Paris
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