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😥 What is this world coming to?
Of all the places I'd expect something like this to happen, my hometown is definitely not one of them. Pokémon GO has officially taken over for a while. Don't know why this happened but I'm so glad I missed seeing it for myself....I most likely would've died on the spot at that!!
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LMAO I just died laughing. I really hope that's the story behind this photo.
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There's something called "summer school"...I really worry about that bus.
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well yeah, but they don't run the buses for that here. 😞 or at least that's theway it was when I was in school. & @danidee I'd heard that he'd not been taking something he needs because his insurance won't pay for it anymore (hopefully it was just the Pokémon GO thing 😟 )
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@NickySerban SO DUMB.
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