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I love Black Butler! I love anything related to Black Butler and when I found the Musicals on YouTube I screamed in excitement because IT'S BLACK BUTLER!!! Plus it's two of my favorite things Musicals and manga...
Yuya Matsushita played Sebastian in 3 of the musicals and I loved him I couldn't think of anyone else playing Sebastian, but he's moving on. I know he has to but ugh I just loved his voice and doesn't he make one hell of a sexy Sebastian??
Yuta Furukawa is replacing Yuya Matsushita he replaced him for the second stint of the 2015 musical Musical Black Butler-Licorice Burning on the Ground. Yes the boy playing Ciel is the same boy, his voice is just deeper in the 2015 stage then the 2014. Amazing what a difference a year can make and puberty. He's good though I like him.
Reo Uchikawa replaces Nayuta Fukuzaki isn't he adorable.
Miura Ryosuke
I fell for the Joker in the manga and Anime, and I swear to god this Miura Ryosuke looks just like him, he's the real version!!!! AHAHA I'm super excited for this musical really I can't contain my emotions right now!!!
And and I was looking at the cast list and who did I see, who's name!!!! *fan girl moment silent screaming fanning self*
TAKUYA TERADA!!!!! of CROSS GENE!!!! His role is Agni. I'm just in complete awe, so happy..
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@RinLightKirito oh yeah it's going to be awesome!!! I've seen the others and they are great
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@merryjayne13 I hope so, but I am still freaking out
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*is dead and crying* YUSSASSS
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@QueenSoraHikari I was screaming and couldn't breathe!!! I love the manga, anime so much and the musicals are like icing on the cake :) :) :) and then my prince Takuya is in it!!!! ahh score super happy fan girl!!!
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@merryjayne13 and when I saw I CRIED SO HARD CUZ I LOVE HIM AHHHHHH
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