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hachiman hikigaya guts issac clark kira yamato/athrun zala naruto uzumaki saitama well that sounds about right...... i honestly am soo much like hikki, my view on life/society pretty pecimistic i honestly hate ppl and there stupid insignificant problems of trying to "fit" in but im always sincere and put others ahead of myself guts/naruto/issac clark cause im alone survivor thats always fighting, fighting to "feel", fighting to see tomorrow and to be able to get through any an all obsticles kira/athrun cause i always stay string to my belief in myself, and in my power to change the outcome, to break the cycle, and the to finish what i start and always got my bros backs saitama cause of my thoughts on how i feel, always able to get better by taking it more serious and not really being challenged like how i want, even in my art its always evolving always improving getting better and better, i feel sometimes thats i cant relate to those who are were i was a long time ago kinda all the same character concept, but on a deeper level, im just a boy who wants to help others and wants to excel by being challenged @hikaymm
Awesome intro!! I feel like I got to know you pretty well just from who you relate to ^-^
@hikaymm lol first i time i actualy talk about myself, thanks again for the tagg in the event