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In America, our alcohol commercials are usually man-centric.

Ads usually have either a really cool guy who you should want to become OR a sexy girl that you can get if you drink this alcohol.

In Korea, that's not the case.

Here's an example of a typical American commercial.

Most Korean ads have innocent looking girls drinking, focusing on cute women. Their faces should look like they're just about to say "Oppa <3"

In most cases, Korean women who are cute, tiny, and get drunk easily and say silly things are celebrated in Korean media. In movies, dramas, and as a result, in real life, young women are expected to get drunk, act cute, and rely on their oppas to help them.

It's part of a huge "oppa" complex still going on in Korea...

Here's a Korean example...different right?

They're slowly moving towards a "sexy girl" approach that Western media now has, but is that a good thing either?

Korea has a lot of gender role problems and I have no idea how to go about fixing it (since there are problems everywhere) but its something to think about when you watch girl groups with odd concepts or K-drama scenes with cute drunk girls...

Does anyone else think this is weird? Or is it better than American commercials?

personally i'm not a huge fan of alcohol commercials in general and i think that moving from cute to sexy isn't really an improvement. same goes for american commercials.
uhm call me crazy but I like the Korean commercials with the innocent girls just because it's different and unique from what I'm used to seeing in America but it is weird to see cute and innocent girls get drunk.....>~>
I think it's weird have innocent looking girls drinking and stuff like that
I saw a card earlier today by @cindystran about Asian ads. She pointed out how the opposite sex advertises products for each other. Like male celebrities do bra and feminine pad ads. I'm wondering if it's the same concept here? (I tried to copy the link to the card - ( not sure if it will work)
I think both sides are showing it wrong by making alcohol seem like it can make you cooler or get someone extremely hot. They should show more like real life people in bars and just chilling. But I guess that wouldn't make a good ad cx Whatever I shouldn't be saying anything anyway cX
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