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Why Are These Korean Alcohol Advertisements?

In America, our alcohol commercials are usually man-centric.

Ads usually have either a really cool guy who you should want to become OR a sexy girl that you can get if you drink this alcohol.

In Korea, that's not the case.

Here's an example of a typical American commercial.

Most Korean ads have innocent looking girls drinking, focusing on cute women. Their faces should look like they're just about to say "Oppa <3"

In most cases, Korean women who are cute, tiny, and get drunk easily and say silly things are celebrated in Korean media. In movies, dramas, and as a result, in real life, young women are expected to get drunk, act cute, and rely on their oppas to help them.

It's part of a huge "oppa" complex still going on in Korea...

Here's a Korean example...different right?

They're slowly moving towards a "sexy girl" approach that Western media now has, but is that a good thing either?

Korea has a lot of gender role problems and I have no idea how to go about fixing it (since there are problems everywhere) but its something to think about when you watch girl groups with odd concepts or K-drama scenes with cute drunk girls...

Does anyone else think this is weird? Or is it better than American commercials?

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@CrookedShadow OR throwing up after they leave the, probably wouldn't sell well either..😁
a year ago·Reply
@JamiMilsap Haha but that's so true!!! cx
a year ago·Reply
I always thought that was weird.
a year ago·Reply
i think neither are good, theyre all so stupid lol
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