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Hey guys!
Since there's so much going on in the Community with Nakama Intro Week, the Manga Community Challenge, and the Fairy Tail Community challenge, (click any of those links to join in & find out more!!)...

I thought it'd be good sort of skip this week, and gather ideas for future weeks instead!

Don't worry - you can still post a Waifu this week if you want haha. Just make it any waifu - no theme!!!

So, what future themes do you want to see for Waifu Wedneday?

As always, leave your suggestions in the comments & I'll post a schedule in the next few days :) Tagging the usual participants!!!

New to Waifu Wednesdays?

Every week, we have a theme about which waifu to post! Waifu just means favorite girl, more or less. If you want to post a husbando (favorite guy) that's totally acceptable, too! Follow the collection here to get WW updates!!!
@hikaymm 1. Assassin Waifus/husbandos 2. Idol waifus/husbandos 3. Musical talent waifus/husbandos
i second video game waifu. an ultimate waifu would be fun, like favorite of all favorites.
Video game Waifu , we really need to do that
undead, sibling, parent, assassin, idol/musical, hair color, genre (slice of life, drama, sci-fi, etc), animal (catgirl/bunnygirl/dogboy), alien
We can do... Non-Human Waifus School(student) Waifus
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