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This looks so ridiculous but with that cast, I HAVE to see it!

Basically there is a zombie apocalypse in Seoul and a group of people are stuck on a train while it happens. They try to stay alive as their country is turned into a zombie-fest.

It is about to come out in Korea, so I'm not sure when it will be available with English subs but I'll keep you posted!

It stars huge names like Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince), Wonder Girls Sohee, Ma Dongseok, and Choi Wooshik (Rooftop Prince)!

Who else wants to see this?!

i want to see this so bad. it looks fucking SICK.
I want to see it
Yesss! The Coffee Prince is all grown up and gonna save his little girl from the zombies! I ❤️ it!
I saw the trailer before a few months ago and I was like I HAVE TO SEE IT OHMIGOD but then I forgot it all about it cause I didn't know if it came out yet or not. PLZ KEEP ME UPDATE IT SO I KNOW WHEN TO WATCH IT
I really want to see it!
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