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Time flies doesn't it?
Wow I guess it really does. . . . Let us see who we honor today:
AND U KNOW IT'S U KWON THO. @TheEnlightment this is for you dude ;'^D
(even looks good while eating chips, while I further evolve into an ork)???
God my inner weeab loves this cat/idol stuff.
>° x°)
^"Oh, it's snake-AYYEEE"^
Dear lord. . . . One final one to taint your souls~ (WARNING: MAY BE TOO SEXY, REMAIN CAUTIONED) . . .
HNGGG vEiNs. One moment to wipe the blood off my screen. . . . . I hope you enjoyed this day 12! See you tomorrow!
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bless your soul for that last gif
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My is gone. Why does he have to be so so handsome 😍😱
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