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So BamBam from Got7 is trending on Twitter for saying the n word at a party celebrating got7s fly in the USA. The video from SC has since been deleted but it's all over Twitter. The reactions are 2 things, people defending him and others telling him to leave got7 or kill himself which is totally wrong to do. In my opinion he should just apologize since he offended people and instead of throwing hatred towards him to just educate him. What is everyone's take on this?
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I listen to Got7 occasionally and am not fully familiar with the group...but I don't understand all the hate he's getting. Like, don't people have better things to worry about right now? There's a real problem at hand and him making a tiny supposed mistake (I haven't seen the video, but he could have been saying "you" in Korean) isn't something people should be hating him on. It's completely unfair. Plus, if he did say "you" in Korean, then yeesh...that's completely unfair. What if you were speaking English and you accidentally said something that sounded disrespectful in somebody else's language and they started treating you that way? Like, yeesh...people...sigh 😥 I really hope he pushes through this! I mean, he's only human...he and the rest of the members can have fun in their own way like everybody else :/