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{FTC} Who I Ship? EVERYBODY!!!
I know this card is supposed to be about who you ship...I KNOW. But the problem is I ship like, everybody, and I don't have only have one ships. I pretty much have ships for everyone. They don't overlap, though, and I'm on the Nalu side of the fence :P

Let me introduce my ships....


We all know why this is here.


Duh :P


Plus, they'd be really hot together lol.




(okay I'm not settled on this but I want this to somehow be okay even with all the shit Jellal that has happened so I'm listing it!!)


Yup :3 :3 Sorry Freed, lol but sometimes I'm like maybe Mirajane and Laxus??? Idk. IDK. Or Freed and Laxus....why is Laxus so shippable??

Makarov and Porlyusica

Mavis and Zeref

Bisca and Alzack

(duh lololol)

Anyways, that's it for now!

I know some of these seem out of the realm of possibility because the characters don't really talk to each other, but I can see the potential which is why I like these ships. Just because they don't talk now doesn't mean they can't fall in love :P :P :P
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i ship all of these! ^_^
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what about nalu
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you ship ALL of my ships
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