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In case ya didn't know BamBam is trending on Twitter but unfortunately for something he did wrong. Marks family threw a pool party for Got7, it was suppose to be a day of fun and relaxation but a girl who also attended the pool party snap chatted most of the members and things got out of hand. The snaps went viral and many IGOT7s started following her. On he snap she apparently recorded BamBam saying the N word. This day of fun turned into a media disaster. No word yet from BamBam or any of Got7. This girl also snap chatted a drunk Yugyeum and Marks leg tattoo. Let's wait till we hear back from Got7 before blowing things out of proportion.
Ok so if you look closely bambam does say it and its not niga who says come on my you. No one. But someone else says it as well not just bambam so obviously no one ment it offensively and just thought it was a term like bro or dude. I mean in a lot of music that word is used in that sense and it probably didnt occur to the koreans that it was a bad term
I watched the video and more than one person said the "n" word first someone said come on nigga then i heard someone respond with some mumbling and then a very prominent nigger. But how can people tell who is saying what
@BabydollBre exactly
@BabydollBre the last school I went to was the school where many of the "bad kids" that drank, did drugs, been locked up, and all that went. but also where some kids went to get the educational opportunities they needed. it was mixed with multiple races for the most part but since when it was first made, before it became what it is today, it was meant to be a black school it's no surprise black kids were seen the most. some teachers even used the word so a lot of people didn't even care unless you talked directly to them using it in a disrespectful way
@BabydollBre like, in one of my past classes 3 white boys kept using it and the only one that complained, besides the teacher, was an ignorant little bitch (I say that cause of shit that happened with her) that wasn't even black. we had mostly black people in the class and even the most ghetto of them was all cool with them saying it
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