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Continuation anyone???? What do Trinity and Ari wind up doing in South Korea? How many times do they get lost? Oh gosh what could happen in a foregin place with these two girls and no sense of direction!

It is finally here!
I'm sorry I had been wrapped up writing Kookie Monster for a week straight now and even though I was planning to do this story. But it is finally here! Trinity and Ari are back!

For those of you that may just be reading, this is a sequal to "Fly me Away!" story that I had written with these two meeting BTS on the plane ride to Seoul. If you would like to read it you can. You don't have to in order to understand the adventures though. (Just click on Fly me away to a quick link to the card)

(I'm editing this story at the moment since I want to start it up again, lol outlit for crazy happenings lol)


“Where are we?” Ari cried out looking around her.
The map was useless in her hands. North, South, East, West oh gosh this was not what she was good at. What happened to the good old left and right, straight or turn around you’ve completely past it by a long shot!
“The map say’s we are here” Trinity said pointing to a little spot on the map. “But I don’t see the building.
“The guy at the front desk of the hotel said that it was a ten minute walk to the bridge. How is it we’ve been walking for a half hour and still haven’t seen any sign of it?” Ari questioned.
“Did we go the right way?” Trinity questioned looking around walking in a full circle. “Ari if we went the wrong way right after leaving the hotel I’m blaming you” she said.
“You had the map” Ari said just as someone was walking past.
“Hey hey, um do you speak english?” Ari tried getting the attention of the person and thankfully did.
“English? How are you?” The stranger said.
“Um, lost” Ari said confused why they were asking. “How do we get to the bridge?” She asked.
The stranger looked at her and than nodded and started speaking korean super fast that she couldn’t keep up. Thankfully, or sadly, since the stranger was pointing in the direction they came from. When the person was done speaking he nodded and continued on his way.
“Uh-” Ari stared at the man leaving.
“We past the turn by a half mile” Trinity said. “I knew we went to far, at that intersection with the school building we were supposed to turn right and go towards the river” she said exasperated.
“Im sorry” Ari called out. “I don’t know what north or south is.”
There was a pause between the two of them and then Trinity burst out laughing. Ari stared at her best friend.
“This is why we left early in the day isn’t it?” She asked.
“It’s noon, Ari what do you think?” Trinity said.
“That we have an adventure” Ari said brightly raising her hand in the air.
“If by that you mean getting lost than yes” Trinity stared as her friend.
“Oh come on and plus we should be passing by that school when kids get out, we can see kids in uniform!” Ari said.
“That’s not something I care about seeing” Trinity shot out as she started walking away and towards the right direction. Ari followed along behind her.
“Don’t walk away from me young lady” Ari called after stifling a laugh of her own.
“Don’t sound like my mother!” Trinity called out.
“Hey look someone is calling me!” Trinity shouted out before answering her phone. There was a squeal from her and than Ari took a running start to jump on Trinity while she wasn’t paying attention.
“Piggy back ride!” she called as she ran.
“Ari no!” Trinity said even as Ari tripped and instead of ending up anywhere near Trinity she landed flat in the street. A burst of laughter came out of Trinity as a groan of pain came out of Ari.
“I think we are going to need a ride after all” Trinity said, Ari wasn’t sure if she was talking to her or to the person on the phone.
“Don’t you dare tell them I just fell” She called knowing who she was speaking to was probably one of the guys from the plane.
“They’re going to meet us at the hotel” Trinity said after she hung up the phone and Ari picked herself up off the ground.
“Okay, um which way to the hotel?” Ari asked dusting gravel off her arms.
Trinity stared at her.
“We retrace our steps” she said easily.
“So we walk a straight line back?” Ari asked.
“Is that what we did? I thought there was a turn in there somewhere” Trinity said.
“No because we didn’t make the turn at the school” Ari pointed out. “Isn’t that what happened?” she asked trying to remember.
“Oh god, I swear Ari. Okay leave directions to me otherwise I don’t know what will happen” she said.
“No, just follow me and we’ll get there in one piece” she said.
“Okay.” Ari nodded and followed her. A couple steps later Ari spoke up. “You know technically I’m not in one piece” Ari pointed out.
“You fell all on your own!” Trinity said. “It was pretty epic. That’s the worst fall I’ve seen you take” she commented looking at Ari. “You have blood on your forehead” she said. “Are you okay?” she finally asked.
“My head kind of hurts and so do my knees” Ari accounted what was sore.
“That sucks” Trinity said. “Hey hey look, on the corner” She pointed out down a side street. There at the very end was the bridge.
“Holy crap how could we miss that. If we turned to look down the road we would have seen it” Ari said hitting her head only to yelp in pain at the action.
Trinity and Arianna got back to the hotel in less than five minutes after that and by the time they got there a black van was parked in front, alongside a bunch of tour buses.
“I wonder if something is going on” Ari said.
“Didn’t the host guy say this is a popular place for tour groups to stay at?” Trinity said.
“You paid more attention than I did” Ari laughed just as they watched the van door open up and two guys dressed in black stepped out. They looked directly at us and than started in our direction.
“Trin trin” Ari said calmly.
“Ari Ari?” Trinity mimicked.
“Either those guys are going to kidnap us and hold us for ransom or they are very suspicious” Ari stated staying calm.
“Should we run?” She asked even as the two people were just a few steps away.
“Maybe?” Ari drew the word out. They each got about three steps before they each were scooped up and thrown over shoulders.

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@MaritessSison oh I've had issues with Google maps before, its tried to kill me several times, taking me to abandoned house in the woods, trying to make me jump off a cliff, taking me thru zombie land (okay I called it that because it was like a deserted town that still had a few people in one bar) and did I mention jump off a cliff. its done it several times to me. 😂😂 anyway hard to trust it 100% after that.
@SweetDuella hahah I remember so many times those stupid things got us lost....but hey the worst is when u can't use your data and have to wrote out directions ...for reals I wonder who is kidnapping them!
Getting lost already I see! lol 😂 These girls...its Almost impossible to get lost now a days with GPS on your phone! hahaha!