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Personally, I enjoy first dates where we do something quiet where we can talk.
Getting coffee and walking through a cool neighborhood, getting food and going to the beach, etc.

But some people I know need a ton of action and adventure.

Which do you choose?

Adventure Date:

Doing something active like going to a concert, festival, or playing a sport.
On an adventure date you can feel chemistry and have fun.

Calm Date:

Going out to dinner, to get coffee, just walking around.
On a calm date you can talk and get to know someone.

Which would you choose for a first date?

I like the inbetween. like attending a festival or community event. outdoor concerts, ball game, the inbetween
Calm date for the first date so we can really just get to know each other. Though if it was their idea to go on a more adventurous date I'd definitely go.
nice think congrats
Adventure date is a second date, because with a first date, you need to get to know the person. If you do an all day amusement park and end up not liking the guy, you're stuck with him ALL DAY.
I'm definitely more of the adventure type, but honestly anything out of the ordinary would entice me like a picnic in the park or a walk on a nature trail. I love when others put forth thought & effort to impress me.
adventure date for sure! how ever, my ideal date is to be on the beach, go swimming and have fun, and watch the sunset and maybe have a mini picnic, and when night comes to watch the stars, maybe have a fire and have smores, and go home and cuddle, or just hang out together
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