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Personally, I enjoy first dates where we do something quiet where we can talk.
Getting coffee and walking through a cool neighborhood, getting food and going to the beach, etc.

But some people I know need a ton of action and adventure.

Which do you choose?

Adventure Date:

Doing something active like going to a concert, festival, or playing a sport.
On an adventure date you can feel chemistry and have fun.

Calm Date:

Going out to dinner, to get coffee, just walking around.
On a calm date you can talk and get to know someone.

Which would you choose for a first date?

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i think calm places are good for first date!
a year ago·Reply
A quiet coffee shop for a first date
a year ago·Reply
quiet date for first time is my vote
a year ago·Reply
Calm mode :)
a year ago·Reply
Why choose? I prefer a little of both worlds.
a year ago·Reply