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We've already talked about if a cat person could date a dog person...

But can a COFFEE person date a TEA person!?

I'm an inbetweener - I need coffee at some hours, and tea at others.

My mom is allergic to coffee (or, some oil the bean produce...) and my dad is super anti-tea. It works for them because my mom loves the smell of coffee so she actually enjoys my dad's daily cup as much as he does.

My best friend on the other hand is a (lovable) coffee snob who plans her trips around cafe hopping and if you can't keep up with her caffeine intake you're left behind...

Could an espresso junkie put aside their love for the chamomile addict?

Would this affect your relationship at all?

i love both tea as well as coffee
mainly tea here rare occasions coffee.
I'm the tea drinker and my husband is the coffee drinker.
I'm a avid tea lover and coffee snob all roll into one lol! I love good food and ofc the beverage too! There's no conflict of interest here, tea lovers and coffee enthusiasts are two peas in a pod, just love for the good stuff :)
I'm a tea drinker unless it's starbucks, but I never thought it could be an issue. most cafés have both don't they?
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