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So even though we're all here because we love anime, I know we all have a lot of other hobbies in common, too XD

Here's just a few of mine...


Related to anime but still important, I love to cosplay! Check out my collections to see some of my cosplaying.


I don't read as much as I'd like all the time, but I love reading. Be it short stories on line, novels, non fiction, I like it all! I really love taking in more and more stories, and can enjoy basically anything, even if the writing isn't stellar. I studied writing in college, and have always thought that I'll end up in an editor type of position someday XD


Yep! I love to dance. I have done tap/jazz/ballet etc since I was very little, and kept it up through college. I also do cover dances of kpop and jpop songs sometimes with a group of my friends that I dance with at anime conventions. It's so fun!

So, what else are you into?

Post your day 3 (Wednesday) card for Nakama Intro Week!
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@hikaymm ya see how pikachu dances that's how I dance yahohohohoho
I love dancing too but hip hop, robot, and some Latinos dances
I love home remodeling and improving the house in general, yard work and cooking. I game and watch anime when the weather is less than favorable and like hiking and watersports in nicer weather.