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I'm heading home to visit my family soon, and being home always reminds me of Christmas and watching Love Actually.

While I love the movie, there is one scene that always makes me wonder...

For those who don't know, this man is in love with his best friend's wife and he tells her he loves her on Christmas and then says "enough" and seems to give up his feelings for her...

Somehow I don't think its that easy.

What do you think happened? Did he really move on?

Could you move on from loving someone your best friend loves too?

i believe in such as situation like that i would force myself to give up feelings
I hope he moved on. I like to think that after he sort of acted on his feelings in that scene he was finally able to let go of her and move on. @luna1171 It's called Love Actually
I agree with @JPBenedetto on this. Of course lol =p Yeah. Sometimes you just spend so much effort into something and then you realize.... it's not worth it. They're not worth it. I don't know the whole back story, as I haven't seen the movie (yet), but she's with another guy there. And then he does that. Goes through all the effort to buy those supplies, figure out what he wants to write, wrote and poured out his heart in those letters, probably messed up a few times, cut out and paste the pictures. Then had the courage to walk to that place and act out what he had probably envisioned a thousand plus times in his head. and then she kissed him. While she is with the other guy. Then she ran back to the other guy. It's one of those moments where you take a step back and look at how stupid you're being. How you're putting so much into something... nay, someONE who isn't worth your time and effort. So I think he was able to start moving on after that. Without seeing the movie and just speaking off of personal experience, I think a part of him had already (or started to) moved on and he was on one last thread of hope. I doubt he would've been happy with her anyways at this point, even if they did end up together. Even if it's Keira Knightley <3
@JustinaNguyen thanks..I really want to watch it now..I look for it. hehe
I like to think he moved on, and couldn't do that until he came to grips with (and finally expressed) his feelings. It's much easier to transcend...once you've purged yourself of all the pent up emotional energy. Just my humble opinion...
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