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Harry Potter Cosplays at Harry Potter World!
One of my friends liked this album on Facebook and led me to an amazing collection of photos from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! I had no idea so many people cosplayed there, as I haven't been to the US ones in ages!! So cool!!!

All photographs below are by York In A Box!

All cosplayers are tagged under their pictures :)
I haven't figured out WHO this cosplayer is, but he is amazing!! Another perfect Weasley!
Also can't find an ID on this cosplayer, but I love this lion head Luna -- totally perfect!!!

If anyone knows these cosplayers are (not who they're cosplaying, I know that!!)....let me know!

Such great cosplayers!


They're all so great!!! I wish I could have joined them!

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lion head is Luna. one above is Arthur Weasley.
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if it's a red head safe to assume a Weasley
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@clobbersaurus Ahh I know who the characters are I Just don' tknow who the cosplayers are!!! Thanks though haha. I wanted to credit them but I see how my wording was unclear ;;;; ^^
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