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If you're a internation kpop fan you may understand this when we are born we never expect what we will come to love in the future normally between 12 and 19 we begin to listen to these k pop bands we go from how will I remember all their names to I can identify them on their laugh as you get yo know them better you start to really care about them as you laugh along with them cry along with them get angry along with them fight along with them you start to love them so much but then it starts to crumble they're all the way in Korea how will you ever meet them so you start to get desperate sending thek fanmail weekly buying their merch liking all their pictures and then their are the fangirls who like me maybe their parents disapprove just call these people you care so much for "stupid" or "a waste of time" and it really hurts you try to use any money you can get to buy merch or say they finally come to your area and you buy tickets and go you meet them or scream along with others in the crowd for them but when you go home you always realize you are just another face not to be remembered or say the finally come near you but you Dont have the money for tickets or your parents won't allow you to go and while you are sitting at home scrolling through their twitter or Instagram you see all these pictures of the near you and it physically hurts because you can't see these people you've looked up to for such a long time and at the end of the day after all the joy they've given you and continue to give you you're always a crying mess on your bed wishing for more this post is for the fangirls for we are the most dedicated and the strongest and the most understanding of anyone thank you
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I'm beginning to understand most korean, still in need of subtitles though but I'm working on it. I even understood and translated what they were saying before in korean dramas when the subs suddenly stopped working, so that not too much of a problem for me. As for the age gap I apparently match the required age gap to be able to be with my ultimate bias. Also as for the bias wrecker one, I've had the exact same ultimate bias ever since I first got into kpop, no one has ever been able to steal his spot. They do tend to wreck all the others though but they somehow never got to number one. The rest of them I can totally agree with one hundred percent, it freaking sucks.