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So, I just finished watching episode 8 of Doctors and then I find out what's been going on about the whole BamBam situation (and GOT7 in general). People are being overly sensitive about this. Yes, he made a mistake but it wasn't like he said it with bad intentions. Seriously? Is that something to be putting him down about? And about GOT7 giving the US more fan service. We don't get the luxury of seeing these boys (or any other idol for that matter) as often as the other countries. STOP BEING SALTY AND GETTING BUTT HURT ABOUT IT. JFC. If you are truly a fan, you would protect BamBam and the rest of GOT7. They do not deserve any of this bullshit. Stop forgetting that idols are humans too. I swear people be nitpicking at the dumbest shit. #IGOTBAMBAM #IGOT7 #GOT7 #DabForBamBam #rantover
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why is everyone so butt hurt this year? first its BTS now its got7? look we don't have the luxury of seeing them as the other countries so having a group pay attention to the US you guys want to throw a fit??