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Has anyone on here ever tried to explain an English concept to someone?

Maybe it's a friend who didn't speak English as a first language. Or maybe it was a son, daughter, niece, or nephew studying English grammar and vocabulary at school.
Or really, you could just be like me and suddenly have weird grammar epiphanies when you're just going about your day. Like, dudes, today I realized that the past tense for 'read' is still 'read', but we all know to pronounce it differently when we read it out loud.

How do people actually STUDY this and not lose their minds?!

I think the creators of English made it up as they went and lost track of their own rules. That's why there's so many exceptions.
@JamiMilsap have you tried out the eggbun app? I just got it and I've already learned a lot
@danidee I've been flirting with Korean for about 3 years but I got really into it in the past year. Kdramas have helped me a lot with pronunciation and comprehension.
@danidee yeah my teacher was like "inflections", "verbals", "predicate nominative" and I was wondering if she was speaking English lol
@danidee I'm awkward texting ppl in English, so I haven't had much luck engaging on HelloTalk
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