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My OTP is GRUVIA . So all your going to see is GRUVIA moments . I'm blessing your feed . ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

WHO SAID GRUVIA ISN'T REAL??? All I see is true love between them . Even though Juvia started as a stalker Gray still accepted it . Just because in the beginning he always rejects her when showing her affections for him, he took time to get used to it . Love takes time and eventually Gray will love her as much as she loves him .

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Tbh I use to not like this ship or Nalu...But I finally see something in those ships. I use to ship Graylu and still kind of do, but now I know those two ships are true....And ship them!! 😋😋
@TaehyungV Thank you for saying that . 😊 but i'm lowkey guilty of shipping Gray & Lucy too . 😅 That was before Juvia came into the picture though . 😆
@TaehyungV same! It's only fairly recently that I gave into Gruvia because I didn't like that it was so one-sided, but now I'm convinced that Gray has been warming up to it and really does have feelings for her!
so beautiful😢