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Acai berries, they are fastly becoming the most famous super-food for people who are really interest in health. Acai berries are very famous in South America, which makes me wonder if that is the reason for their toned, curvacious bodies. What you need: - 2 packets frozen acai puree (3.5oz) - 1 banana frozen (cut in pieces) - 1 handful of frozen mango - 1 handful of frozen strawberries - 1 handful of frozen blueberries - 1/4 cup orange or apple juice - 1/4 almond or rice milk - 1 scoop protein powder (optional) For the toppings: - Mango - Blueberries - Strawberries - Banana - Granola
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lol idk wuts so graet about acaii maybe caz i havent tried it yettt but people r like obsessin over it LOL
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@miranpark88 Agreed. Acai berries are known for their super antioxidant powers, I haven't found them in Korea but I'm sure if I do they are going to be extremely expensive.
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oh for sureeeeee i can even imagine having acai hereeeeeeeee i had them when i was in brazil and they were SO CHEAP
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 So lucky. I wish I could taste the original flavours. What do they taste like?
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I had tried acai berry juice. It tastes like chocolate and strawberry were mixed.
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