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So let's start this simple. I'm most like Aisaka Taiga from "Toradora" because of the main fact that I'm really short too (I'm 4'11) I'll do anything for my friends even if I tend to get hurt in the process. Expecially my Bestfriend, you hurt her and I hurt you😊. That's what I tell everyone . Lastly I'm like Taiga because I too am so damn stubborn and I kinda get mad fairly easily(more than I care to admit) and I am a bit of a tsundere😅 but even though I look like a tough cookie on the outside, I get weak and I breakdown too to the point where I don't even know how to deal. [p.s. I decided to Photoshop Taiga to kinda look like me about a week ago and since we're talking about Characters who we're most like, I decided to add that one (/-^)]
Second character I'm like is Tachibana Mei from "Say 'I Love You'" because I was bullied in elementary school too and I just felt so alone. Toward the end of my sophomore year of HS, some stuff happend and I just felt betrayed by everyone and was being talked badly about.. I too didn't want to deal with anyone.. so I decided to create a wall to block out everyone because I couldn't trust (tbh I still can't i'm still on the defensive and like to be alone, because I found confidence within the loneliness..) When I finally started letting people truly back in I felt warm too and I felt weaker as well because the wall I created for myself was slowly breaking and I was scared, although no matter how hurt i've been I still try to see the good in people. Also, I'm like Mei because even though I may have people around me now who care for me, I still hate telling people what I'm feeling, and I keep stuff to myself because I don't want to bother anyone. in the end I just end up mentally fighting within my own self trying to figure everything out and solve it on my own.. I consider myself to be average because I don't really care for make up and I just wear whatever, I can be so shy too and have no clue on what to say. However, Lastly I'm like Mei because I am confident on who I am and I wont let no one try to tear me down because I'm tierd of being hurt.
Third character I'm like is Eru Chitanda from "Hyouka" because if you seen my card from yesterday, I mentioned I'm a curious being, and we all know her famous line is 'I'm curious!' 😂 like I have to know something or solve it or else it will bother me so bad because my curiosity will take over. Sometimes I think my curiousness can be a bad thing because I might end up being curious about the wrong thing and get into trouble because of it.. ಠ_ಠ I'm also like her because I tend to get distracted easily and end up a bit lost in conversations sometimes . Lastly I'm like her because I have long black hair too ^-^ and purple eyes oh god I've always wondered what I'd look like with purple eyes and hers are BEAUTIFUL! let's just take a moment to appreciate her eyes!