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Do not try to analyze the "Future Diary" unless you really want to if so tell me how far you got in the comments.
@Flare4522 But she somehow supressed her powers? But the first Murumuru/Murmur replaced the second one to aid her, though she is later defeated by the second Murmur, but later she calls the Third Yuno into the second timeline, essentially becoming the first Yuno to the second Yuki who is god, while the first Yuki and 1st and 2nd Yuno are dead, and the Third Yuki is living his normal life in the Third timeline had he never met that first Yuno in the second timeline or the second Yuno (who would have behaved as the first had in the first timeline). Any questions?
@AdamDean you explained exactly the I did but with all the details I didn't want to list so I decided to simplify it to the ma
yuno is god of the first world. she can be any age she wanna be.
@Flare4522 Everything after the first sentence was meant for Animefreak484, I just forgot to tag him.