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So.... BamBam huh... Crazy shit....
Now at first I wasn't gonna say anything, but then the death threats started flowing and I was like "AWW HELL NO", so here we all are.
Let me first say that if you have any issues and try to start crap with me I will eat you, cause I'm not gonna have your shit on this got it? Good. Now then,
whether Bambam knew what he was saying or not I don't know and truthfully I don't care (keep in mind I'm pro #BlackLivesMatter so hear me out before you start yelling), what I do know about the situation (and it's not much cause most people are just fighting about it) is that some members or GOT7 were at a pool party with Marks friend, I know that drinking was involved, underage drinking at that. Let me make my statement on the underage drinking first, as a teenager myself let me tell you that I highly doubt that there is a single person underage who hasn't had a drink or two at a party with friend, so that's that, lets end that there. So, theres this kid at a pool party with friends, this party has drinks and music and a good vibe and everyone's having a good time, and I bet you anything that these people are saying the "n" word too, so naturally Bambam starts saying it to, cause that's the vibe.
The point is, Bambam is a kid who said something dumb at a party with friends. May I remind you that when he was in America before and he was putting up westside signs while taking pics, fans told him it was inappropriate so he stopped and apologized and asked fans to correct him anytime he does something wrong, cause he doesn't know the culture. He's a Taiwanese kid, living in South Korea and was at a party in America, that's a lot of cultures to keep track of. Should he get away with it, no. JYP should make him apologize, better yet if he apologized on his own.
BUT, when this apology comes, lets not keep bombarding him with hate, his apologize are always genuine, that's just the kinda kid Bambam is. Remember that they're all just a bunch of idiots trying to be cool. Let remember them as a bunch of idiots and not ruin that with harsh words and threats because of a mistake.
umm not commenting anything mean just wanted to point out that bambam is Thai not Taiwanese
@SeventeenBias I saw the video and it look more of him saying Tuan over the loud music but even if he did we don't go after bambam but marks american friends who caused all of this
@SimplyAwkward I'm not trying to start an argument but have you seen the SC? In the video they're all taking a pic together and they call over Mark. To which Bambam says "That's my N." twice. But words like that come with Americas party culture, its up to fans to teach him, trends don't always translate.
@PrettieeEmm De ja vu..lmaoo!!
bambam didn't say the N word he said the Korean word for you which sounds like the N word but it doesn't, this is why we need to learn Korean and to understand idols instead of "Knowing" about them because I hate this shit like Misunderstandings
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