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Day 2 for the Nakama Intro Week is What anime Character am I like?
I see alot of myself being like Ryner Lute from The Legend of Legendary Heros. He likes to be lazy and never wants to do anything. He wants to live in a world where everyone takes afternoon naps all the time and I would love that. I'm usually pretty nice just because it gets people off my back but if you piss me off I'll unleash a side of hell not even the devil has seen.
Like Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic Highschool I've been described as being emotionless and somewhat cold hearted. Now there are some things that I show love too but just like him that's only 1 thing. And we're both respectively one of the best at using our advance skill to overcome any opponent, fighting or otherwise.
And I'm also alot like Walker from Durarara. We're both anime freaks and love talking about it every chance we get. We both love playing around with fire alot and will use it as a means of defense if we must. I just hope one day I can find me my own Erika just like he did! Life would be complete then! AND Look at who is on the pillow! Misaka Mikoto! My #1 Waifu ever! I love her so much! Walker has good taste yes he does!
Sorry it's a little late but it's up here now. I just threw this together real quick so bear with me. @hikaymm @kurosakijess @OtakuDemon10
@BlackDragon88 They know they are op but don't show/brag about it is why I like them so much..and Mikasa is Waifu for Laifu! lol
Ryner and Tatsyu were pretty awesome and op. Cool list. And I also like Misaka a bit.