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so I heard about this snapchat post on Wendy's story idk ... but I'm not mad at got7 or anything but mostly the girl...like I feel like she took advantage on them when got7 was celebrating... like if bambam said the "n" word she shouldn't have put it up... also look at yugeom he doesn't look tired he looks drunk ... I understand if he is drunk.. if not I'm sorry.. (just me describing how he looks) .. anyways this girl shouldn't have put this up on her story knowing people are going to look for it and all... this Wendy girl is a butt... she should of been more careful know the they are idols and have to uphold a reputations... but anyways let's see what got7 says. but I won't be mad at them just that girl.
let me know what you think or correct me if I'm wrong. Do you guys agree?? . . . . P.s: I have no hate for any group.... especially a group that debuted on or close to my birthday.
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BamBam didn't say the N word he said Niga when he was preforming if you do. And Niga in Korean has a way different meaning than in English
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I 100% agree She definitely took advantage. You could see yugyeum was out of it and she decided to snap anyways. The pool party was a way for got7 to enjoy themselves and wind down after all the hard work they've been doing but it all got ruined and I'm sure the party hadn't even ended yet when all this controversy came to the surface. Wendy is the one that should be getting all the shit honestly. Although BamBam did say that word I'm sure he didn't mean it in a disrespectful way. I think Bc he's not from the hood or even American ppl are going crazy. I feel really bad fr BamBam Bc I was at their concert in NYC and he was talking about how he has a lot of haters but tries not to let it get to him although it does sometimes. I don't think BamBam is as strong as he makes himself seem to be.
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I'm mostly upset that this is a big deal. They are in their early 20's. It's a time to have fun and do stupid things. Yes they are famous but they are people to. Let them live their lives. Everyone makes mistakes
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The legal age to drink in Korea is actually 19 and Yugyeom is 19 so if he was drunk does it matter? I mean he might have just not known he can't do that here
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alright that over with that was yesterday today a new day let's move on from it that way it won't make shit worse for them because the more people talk about it the big the fire gets just drop ignore and watch it fade away
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