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#StayStrongBamBam #DefendYugyeom

I'm am serious right now.... I don't care at the moment if I get some hate I will get my anger off my chest because of this fucking issue..

So now #BamBam is a trend on Twitter and Instagram because he said the 'N' word?!?! No! I will not tolerate this fucking hatred for what little mindless mistake he made. First off, He didn't know any better, He even said 'If it's wrong let me know.." And even Yugyeom got some bash for drinking too much and he got drunk like yes he should be careful to not harm anyone or anything but doesn't mean he should kill himself for that!!
Also his little sister defended him about it like... Guys I am NOT only defending him because he is my bias but its because he is a human being who made one little mistake!! Do not tell him to kill himself how about we tell him about its okay you made one stupid mistake and fucking educate him... Y'all cannot believe how pissed off I am... This kind of shit sickens me too my stomach and I wish I could tell BamBam that's its okay and that the real IGOT7's accept his forgiveness like... its uncalled for.. I know I'm mostly talking about BamBam but not many people are hurting Yugyeom as bad but I'll rant about that too..
Yes we all know our maknae is underage and that drinking can lead to very harmful accidents but that does not mean to tell Yugyeom to kill himself or to end his fucking career... I am very upset about everything at the moment.. Like I know he can get in a lot of trouble with the company and the K-Pop community.. I know he can cause some accidents.. But like we all would've defend if it was Jackson or Youngjae?! Or also Mark who is getting some bash for having a tattoo.. A FUCKING TATTOO?!?!?! This is just terrible.... Everyone right now!!!! On Instagram, Twitter, Vingle, Facebook, I DONT CARE!! Even fucking Myspace?! Share the Hastags' #StayStrongBamBam AND #DefendYugyeom NOW! You don't have too but just know that I'll be defending my idols and my inspirations for whatever!! Well it depends.. But on this kind of shit.. I will.. FIGHTING!
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its official mark I love you but your American friends are fucking dicks
First: The so called picture of Mark's tattoo looks like a shadow. Second: Yugyeom is not underage according to the law in Korea. GOT7 has openly talked about him drinking. Sure, one should not drink in America if they are under the age of 21 but tbh nobody cares. Besides, it's possible that he didn't even drink. Last: I've seen the video of BamBam supposedly saying "nigga" and I'm positive that it's false. I can clearly hear him say "Taun" when he calls Mark to come and get in the photo then after that anything he says is drowned out by the music turning on and the guest by the camera starting to speak louder.
Just seen another pic of Mark, he definitely has a cross tattoo. It's just a light shading. Don't know why he's getting hate for it though.
Legit I didn't know about it and now that I do I'm pissed. He doesn't know better! He isn't from here and doesn't know our customs. That's like going to a superstitious house in Mexico (basically my aunt XD) and putting your purse on the ground. You wouldn't know know better cause ur not used to the customs our family is used to. Yugyeom is a grown ass man. Yes he was underage and yes there could have been an accident... But was there? Why nah him about it when nothing ever happened? Plus there are worse things to worry about. He might be your idol but realize he is human and has fun like the rest of us!!!! The tattoo? R u serious? People are mad at this when (once again) there is other shit to worry about!!!! And THERE ARE OTHER KPOP ARTISTS WITH BIGGER AND MORE NOTICEABLE TATTOOS!!!! Take Taeyang or Jay Park for example! And it's art! It's body art and he owns his body and can do what ever the hell he wants with it. If he wants to get abs (pretty sure he already has them lol) then he can have them. If he wants to do something he can do it!!! Once again there are other things to worry about and it's really is nothing like its my like you get a tattoo and then it alters your whole personality or your talent I'm getting more heated as I type this lol XD but in conclusion people are dumb and ....ya...
they some salty ass bitch even bring his baby sister IN to this like bruh do something with your life will ya it's LA we don't give a fuck If he say that word also he came from. NY that word is the first word you hear "Hello welcome to NY N.... enjoy.your stay N.... excuse every rap from . NY say that word lol excuse me if I should rude but I live in the ghetto in LA in watts so I hear that word 24/7
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