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A new Soundtrack to Life challenge from @MattK95 and @Taijiotter. Most Played songs playlist. I have alot of songs that I play alot of so I'll break it down into different groups
Mamamoo Most Played songs 1. A Little Bit 2. Taller Than You 3. Piano Man
Vromance Most Played songs 1. Already Winter 2. She 3. Bing
BAP Most Played songs 1. Save Me 2. Back In Time 3. Warrior
B.I.G (Boys in Groove) Most Played songs 1. Taola 2. Can you hear me 3. Hello
There are so many songs I love that I listen to over and over but these are my favorites out of my most played. What did you think of this playlist? Did you hear new songs? Let me know in the comments :)
@destiny1419 I plan to, but I'm currently under the "Your birthday is coming up so you can't buy anything for yourself incase we have already bought it for you" contract that seems to apply to my family... After its lifted I'm probably going to start draining my account with purchases again XD
@MattK95 You need to get them they are amazing!! I believe this is B.I.G's best comeback. And don't get me started on Vromance they killed me just with their cover songs.
Ugh I haven't gotten the Vromance or B.I.G album yet, but I really need to, I don't want to listen to some of these until I do, or I'll go crazy with impatience XD great list @destiny1419 thanks for participating ^^
YAS!!!! Okay so I fangirled majorly while listening to this playlist! I love all of these groups so freakin much! I love it!!!! <3