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It's never easy as a trainee, and many idols go through multiple companies just to find their perfect fit.

Below are a few idols that had debuted and started their idol life way before joining their current groups!

1. Hyuna

Hyuna was actually supposed to be a member of the Wonder Girls but withdrew in 2007 because of health issues. She moved to Cube, was put in 4Minute, and the rest is history! She did show up in the Wonder Girl's MV for 'Irony' though :D

2. Haeryeong, Uji, and Hyeyeon from Bestie

EXID was once a collaboration between two companies, and was a six member group. When the two companies decided to split, EXID lost the three members from the other company, and continued on without them. Those three that left, Haeryeong, Uji, and Hyeyeon, eventually joined Bestie!

3. Sooyoung from SNSD

My favorite member of SNSD was actually a member of a Japanese idol group called Route-O before Girls Generation! That's why she's fluent in Japanese :) After they broke up in 2003, she joined SM and became the Sooyoung we know today.

4. Dara from 2NE1

Sandara actually found her first success in the Philippines where she released an entire album! The title song was In or Out, and was sung in Tagalog. Both her and her brother Thunder spent a significant amount of their life there. Then they moved back to Korea and began their idol lives.

5. MAP6

They used to be the super cute group called A Prince, but when they failed to catch on, the group was scrapped to try out a totally new concept with a few new members. Theyre now known as Girls Days little brother group and are seeing more success!

6. Gitaek

Weve been talking about him a lot, but Gitaek left MR.MR after allegedly being abused by their manager. He will be debuting in a new un-named group SOON!

Can you imagine any of these groups without these members?

I dont know if Id like SNSD without Sooyoung!

- JungKyun (BIGFLO) was a member of the now defunct groups Tachyon & N-Train - KiChun (BIGFLO) first debuted under the stage name TN as a member of the group Twi-light - HeeCheon (Halo) is also a former member of Twi-light - JB & Junior (GOT7) initially debuted as JJ Project - GiKwang (BEAST) debuted as solo artist AJ - JinHo (Pentagon (soon to debut group under Cube)) was part of the 1st gen. SM The Ballad - AJ (U-KISS) first debuted as the maknae of Paran - KwangJin (N.Flying) was an original member of CNBLUE - RokHyun (100%) was originally part of the now disbanded duo Jumper - ChaeWon (April) first debuted in Japan as a member of Puretty - Mino (WINNER) was a member of BoM before joining YG - Kevin (U-KISS) used to be a member of Xing until he *cough*suedthecompany&ranforthehills*cough* - JunHyung (BEAST) was also a member of Xing - Mika, Garam, HyunMin, InJoon & Jay (a.k.a DGNA) all used to be members of Xing - B:eta (AlphaBAT) was part of group HITT under his real name HaYoung (though I'm not sure if AlphaBAT is still together or not...) If we were including people who were potential members of groups, can think of a lot more (Nakta, HongSeok, HoJoon, etc.) but I decided to keep it to those who actually put out a song &/or promoted on TV.
Also I.M from Monsta X was supposed to debut in a group called Nu'bility, but the group never actually got a chance to debut so he went to Starship instead! Can't imagine Monsta X without him~~~
Hyunseung (former member of Beast) was in Big Bang before they officially debuted^^
jin from bts was supposed to be in SM and be apart of EXO
Bang Yongguk as Jepp Blackman in Soul Connection before BAP. BANG YONGGUK! (Sorry, fan girl moment)
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