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If you have not heard then that's a good thing! here's what happened and my most honest rant at American fans ever! Stop sharing crap!
First of the media hate on the american site is huge! I thought korean netizens were bad! but never mind... what kind of fan spreads this? why did that girl upload those videos and snap chats? she should be under fire for that because she made her " friends " look bad. as a huge Got7 fan I would never ever spread this on a huge social media, in fact the whole day I have written in most of the post explain something very important and possible! how does someone who listen to kpop not know a single korean word? there are many songs that use the word that people are implying he used. in Korean, "niga" (니가) means "you" - "니" (ni) means you, and "가" is a tag that indicates "you" are the subject of this sentence. When you hear the word "니가" it's not necessarily somebody trying to insult anyone, or trying to sound like a gangster. ?? so... are the people spreading this anti fans? I think so! unless they never heard any of Got7 songs and are literally stanning Got7 because of the looks..
I regret to tell the anti fans that this ^^^ would not and shoulf not be happening for so many reasons! 1: he was not speaking english. 2: Korea has no idea about the rant americans are making. 3: if he does apologize, it would be because he wants to keep people happy.. If he did say then yes he should say sorry because idols are not people like you and I and he should not say things regular people say. in the case he did actually say it, please... tell me you've never said that word in your life while you are amongst friends! which is said in a non racial way. Honestly even black people sometimes loose the sence of the seriousness of this word too. let me be clear: the korean words are facts, educate before judging people. no one is perfect, idols are viewed differently so they expect more. know that by spreading this you jeopardize Got7 as a whole and that it's actually very unfair. There is no I agree or not, but if you want to talk bad about bambam go else where. stop spreading things. Also I'm hoping it doesn't come to korea because all they will do is laugh at americans and question why they even listen to words they don't understand. I have many followers here, everyone is from many different places and I respect them all, however I don't care If I loose people for this, let's support Bambam and educate others. I won't be posting about this matter weather it's good or bad because I just can't deal with it anymore.
@Miichi Right!!! I get so mad when people talk about KPOP groups...And it makes me even more mad when they talk about my favorite KPOP group (GOT7 of course), and than I feel like murdering someone when they talk about my husband for TWO YEARS (Markiepooh)!!!! I don't know why, but it makes me so mad when people talk about GOT7!!! Like....Ugh....
He didn't even say the 니가 , he basically said "Tuan come quickly" = "Tuan 빨리야". If you notice the minute BamBam says this, Mark rushes over to get in the picture.
@FalseLove they think that just because their from a whole different side of the world they know everything when they don't know anything especially not their god damn language and if I'm getting this correctly they want him to apologize for something he didnt even know he did bam bam is life and if your trowing hate at him your making people mad! To make it worse he was so into america that he freaking dabs and whips and fucking nae naes to show that he know what in and that he gets us! I mean whonelse does that! And if were backstabbing him like this he might as well just quit because of these freaking haters! What's next he cursed a fan out?!? Try it haters the next thing you know your the cause of an awesome group called got7's quiting! And your lying dead in a ditch cause trust me I will find you all!!
Not every American fan is like that. In every fandom there are fans like that. You can't assume all of them are American. Some are British, Canadian and so on and so forth. I also heard that he actually said that word. (I watched the video) You can barely hear him say it, but he says it. He isn't speaking Korean. I also heard that Mark's friends told him it meant Brother which isn't true. If you want to see the video look at my latest card
@TaehyungV ! I know! honestly all these "fans" should be a shamed for all that has been said
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