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You guys know that I've been watching Moon River. I came across a scene yesterday where they filmed at the popular Taiwanese Night Market and thought about delicious food I can only eat in Taiwan.

The following might look and sound gross but it's actually VERY delicious.

Coffin Bread (棺材板; Guan Cai Ban)

This is like the American version of chowder in bread. This is a popular street food in Tainan, south of Taiwan. The name was inspired by the coffin-like toast cutoff and the lid. You can pretty much put anything inside the bread but the classic recipe uses a seafood chowder.

Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐 ; chou dou fu)

It smells pungent but it's only momentary. Once you take a bite, you wouldn't notice the aroma anymore. Although, some people who are not used to fermented food might this unbearable.
It's not that bad!

1,000 Year Old Egg (皮蛋; pidan)

It's not really a thousand year old. The more standard term for this food is century egg. It is made with duck egg preserved in clay with seasonings. It usually takes about two weeks of process to achieve the translucent black jelly and creamy yolk. In taiwan, it can be eaten alone, with soy sauce and tofu, or diced in porridge.
@MyAffairWith Are you a vegetarian?
Maybe the coffin bread minus the meat and seafood but not the other stuff 😣
@cindystran Oh wow the moment I would feel it moving while trying to eat it, it would be game over and done. You also might see me run in circles
@AimeeH haha same. I don't mind eating weird things as long as it's not moving! When I visited an island in S.Korea, I've seen people eating live shrimp and octopus! I was terrified.
Not gonna lie, I eat weird things, but I would definitely have to be in the mood for that. So, I probably would just to say I did.
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