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I honestly was hoping all this never had to come up here in our community and stay in those social medias.

But is already spreading here too and I know is all about giving our boys support..I will ask community members and please spread possitive comments about our boys either is on IG,Twitter or here on Vingle...It is better if we dont continue talking about it, that way we dont keep spreading more negative stuff on our Boys.. they are also human beings and deserve to have fun.. Soon enough I am 100% sure that BamBam will apologize if in anyway he offended anyone..for now lets just stop or try to stop all this that is or it will eventually affect the boys some how..We as IGOT7 can stop this... by spreading good, positive supporting cards here, and posts on IG and Twitter.. I really thanks to you in behalf of the our BOYS for your support.. and understanding. Thank you everyone

att: GOT7 Kpop Community Moderator @luna1171

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I'm African American and it does not matter to me that Bam Bam said nigga. He said it among his friends whether he knew what it meant or not. As far as Yugyeom drinking, I'm pretty sure a number of teenagers have gotten tipsy or drunk when they were away from the parents...not all, but some.
how are people gonna get offended when almost everyone in my age group uses it among friends 😂😂 hypocrites i tell you.
Turns out that marks friend Wendy told bambam to say nigga to mark telling bambam it means brother 😒😒
Follow me on IG @bae_of_kpop_biases I'll private my account anytime now. But the photo is on there and we all need to reshare it if we care!!
@SimplyAwkward nope in the video she told bambam that so she's really to blame lied to him and recorded it and put it on video then recited yugyeom she's straight up a snake
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