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I'm not sure if you guys seen this already but I just saw this a few minutes ago and there's a an artical about this.... keep in mind the Korean standards like legal age and all... thanks to someone for reminding me about that... link down below let me know what you guys think... (I'm scared for got7 I don't want anything to happen to them)
they jumped on this so fast and made it even bigger than it had to be smh I hope this blows over asap bc they just finished an awesome tour and worked really hard, it sucks that it can be just nothing like that.
All kpop has now became the new Koreaboo with petty lies in their news
@HoneyBMia right?!?!? I'm like panicking for got7 rn...
@Miichi I'm to scared to read it I just took screenshots... I hope nothing happens to them
f all kpop! I unliked as soon as I saw that
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