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One of my favorite GD songs is about being off-kilter, being thrown off and uncomfortable in a new situation, being lonely and unsure what to do.

삐딱하다 - To be crooked


삐딱해요 - I am crooked


삐딱하게 - Crookedly

"I didnt know being alone would be this hard Will you be my friend tonight? On this good day, this beautiful day, this day where I miss you Tonight, Ill be crooked

I feel like this is a better way to look at being depressed.

Its a feeling of not being right, but calling it crooked makes it easier to remember that you can set yourself straight again. Things will get better.

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Yeasss literaly my favorite GD song and it gets a lot of hate but I will forever love this song! I really love the lyrics and the way he sings it seems really passionate lol if that makes sense.❤
Also I think you described it really good. I never thought of it that way=) That really makes me feel better though
i like how you related being crooked to depression it gives me so much hope for my future
This is my absolute favorite song, period. I listen to it so much it's kind of ridiculous 😜
Love this song, really helped me get through some sh*t