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I don't understand.. Why are they getting all this? Why are they trending world-wide? Why are they getting death threats?
Video of BamBam saying the 'N' word
Mark's "tattoo." Link to Yugyeom's "drunk" video. NOTE: Not original video but shared video.
(Just me venting and ranting out.. LOL馃槶) Maybe it's just me.. What's so wrong if Mark does has a tattoo? Who cares about the tattoo. It's a tattoo, gosh. Mark has one and he is a grown man! JFC let the man be! Let all GOT7 be! And how do we prove to the whole world that Yugyeom was underage drinking, because of that one snap? In case those who just kept thinking saying yes he was drinking? The red face and tiredness could be from swimming. And how do we know BamBam said the 'N' word just because he was talking. It may not even be him taking. It may clearly sound like he did.. BUT there are Korean words that sound very familiar with the 'N' word. For BamBam's sakes he could be speaking Korean, gosh.

If BamBam did say it, he should receive consequences, but getting death threats!? And if he didn't say it what will everyone do back for causing all this drama?

I don't know.. I'm a little pissy when it comes to my favorite idol groups. I am going crazy~!!

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I wish people would just drop it let GOT7 be why do they have to start drama馃槦
@aliciasalinas there honestly is no difference. people try to say there is to feel better about it, but either way, the word is still being used. Is there a difference between the word fag and faggot? No, either way, the word is used and just as insulting. People still use it because rappers do use the word in songs and in media so people think it's okay when it's not. And black people aren't only allowed to use it. There are so many black people that get extremely mad if another black person says the N word to them, and one of them is me. And you ask why is it a part of my background if it's insulting, you act as if my people had a choice in what happened in history. They were forced to so it is forced into my background and a part of what I'm from. The words are also still being used because there are people that hate black people like me or gay people. It's also still around because there are people who thinks it's the cool and "in" thing to say when it's not
@sugakookie ah, then I apologize for being ignorant. However if it's part of your history and it's forced upon you, why not forget it? obviously it's not that easy when the word is practically everywhere, but instead of grieving on it, it should be ignored. It won't be leaving anytime soon so ignoring it should be the best option rather than getting worked up over something that won't stop. As someone who is very optimistic and is quite passive, maybe it won't work on you or on others. Maybe instead the people who can't ignore such insulting words, should educate others on them because while someone people who use those insults despite knowing well what they mean, there are others who really don't and think they can call their friends that.
@aliciasalinas thank you for your apology. It can't be ignored though because ignoring it won't solve anything. Speaking on things is what solves them.