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I don't understand.. Why are they getting all this? Why are they trending world-wide? Why are they getting death threats?
Video of BamBam saying the 'N' word
Mark's "tattoo." Link to Yugyeom's "drunk" video. NOTE: Not original video but shared video.
(Just me venting and ranting out.. LOL馃槶) Maybe it's just me.. What's so wrong if Mark does has a tattoo? Who cares about the tattoo. It's a tattoo, gosh. Mark has one and he is a grown man! JFC let the man be! Let all GOT7 be! And how do we prove to the whole world that Yugyeom was underage drinking, because of that one snap? In case those who just kept thinking saying yes he was drinking? The red face and tiredness could be from swimming. And how do we know BamBam said the 'N' word just because he was talking. It may not even be him taking. It may clearly sound like he did.. BUT there are Korean words that sound very familiar with the 'N' word. For BamBam's sakes he could be speaking Korean, gosh.

If BamBam did say it, he should receive consequences, but getting death threats!? And if he didn't say it what will everyone do back for causing all this drama?

I don't know.. I'm a little pissy when it comes to my favorite idol groups. I am going crazy~!!

I hate when some people try to get on some korean idols for saying the N word. I'm black and I'm not even making a big deal out of it. I'm learning korean and I understand some words sound very similar (it took me a sec to get used to). Also, some just don't know that the word is bad because they come from a different country and continent. The reason some might think it's okay is because of the american music that they also listen to that has rappers saying that word in a nonchalant way.
this is starting to piss me off, bambam didn't know he said this because they are not from the united states, yeugeom didn't know about the age limit of drinking so GET OFF THEIR FUCKING CASE
I honestly don't see the problem with Mark having a tattoo and Yugyeom has the people talking ever heard of a sunburn or pink cheeks. It is hot as hell over in Cali sometimes. As for BamBam I didn't hear the word. I am honestly very confused.
people just wanted to find a reason to hate on got7. like if mark has a tattoo it's his body he can do with it what he wants plus how many idol out there have tattoos? Alot and Noone said a word to them. these are all anti- fans who want to cause problems. I hate fake and anti- fan 馃槨
I'm not tryna throw shots but when khiphop does this it just goes right over everyone's head. so its OK for Jay Park and no one else. ??????? people need to get a grip.
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