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We've seen it in Cruel Intentions, we've seen it in 10 Things I Hate About You, hell, we've seen it in SPY KIDS.

The idea that someone is paid or challenged to get close to a girl and end up falling for them.

For example~

Cruel Intentions

Brother and sister meet a goodie two-shoes girl who they want to 'spoil.' The sister dares the brother to do whatever it takes to woo the girl and make her behave "badly."

Spoiler, they fall in love. DUH.

The ending is so ridiculous I can't ruin it for you, but the whole movie is so incredibly over the top I seriously suggest it to everyone (probably over the age of 13 lol)

10 Things I Hate About You

Girl can't go to the school dance because her dad's rule is that her older sister needs to go too. Both of them can go, or none of them can go. SO she enlists the help of a boy who enlists ANOTHER boy (read: Heath Ledger) to get his sister to go to the dance.

He pursues the sister, and of course ends up falling for her and then she finds out about the arrangement and flips out (understandably)

Spy Kids

Two spies, meant to kill each other, end up flirting a ton, get married and have little spy babies.

Do you think, if you found out your bf/gf was originally dared or paid to get to know you, that you'd still be okay with it?

Or would you want to end it because it started out with a lie?

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Im okay with that. There was one girl. She was famous back in college. I liked her but she always dont care. But hey weve been together for 3 years
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Well if we fell for each other and the lie became truth the idc
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it can start off sour at some different moments in the relationship but it can also be resloved through communication and a little bit of humor never hurt anyone
a year ago·Reply
I'm not okay with it. no one liked me in high school and then a guy asked me out and so I thought things changed. then learned to find out he's only seeing me because some girl showed him her tits to bribe him to date me...
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waiting. .
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