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We've seen it in Cruel Intentions, we've seen it in 10 Things I Hate About You, hell, we've seen it in SPY KIDS.

The idea that someone is paid or challenged to get close to a girl and end up falling for them.

For example~

Cruel Intentions

Brother and sister meet a goodie two-shoes girl who they want to 'spoil.' The sister dares the brother to do whatever it takes to woo the girl and make her behave "badly."

Spoiler, they fall in love. DUH.

The ending is so ridiculous I can't ruin it for you, but the whole movie is so incredibly over the top I seriously suggest it to everyone (probably over the age of 13 lol)

10 Things I Hate About You

Girl can't go to the school dance because her dad's rule is that her older sister needs to go too. Both of them can go, or none of them can go. SO she enlists the help of a boy who enlists ANOTHER boy (read: Heath Ledger) to get his sister to go to the dance.

He pursues the sister, and of course ends up falling for her and then she finds out about the arrangement and flips out (understandably)

Spy Kids

Two spies, meant to kill each other, end up flirting a ton, get married and have little spy babies.

Do you think, if you found out your bf/gf was originally dared or paid to get to know you, that you'd still be okay with it?

Or would you want to end it because it started out with a lie?

it can start off sour at some different moments in the relationship but it can also be resloved through communication and a little bit of humor never hurt anyone
yeah that is a toughy. I have no clue how well that could work out
I'm not okay with it. no one liked me in high school and then a guy asked me out and so I thought things changed. then learned to find out he's only seeing me because some girl showed him her tits to bribe him to date me...
@WillBryan this is clearly a difference of opinion and I have no clue why you're trying to argue with me, or why you singled out my opinion from all of these for your little whatever this is. But I'll address what you said in your last comment and then I'm done with this. 1. I don't see that as their past as it happened in the CURRENT relationship. Their past would be everything that happened BEFORE they started a relationship with me. I don't care if it was a month ago or two years ago it's current to the situation. 2. I never stated that I would just straight-up kick them to the curb as soon as I found out they lied. Would I give them another chance? Yeah I probably would, especially if I loved them enough. It all depends on this hypothetical person's character and motivations. 3. If it's the only reason we met or got together maybe we weren't meant to be in the first place in my view. 4. Don't lie if you can't take the possible consequences. Broken trust is hard to forgive or forget for many people. Break-ups and divorces don't just happen because people are bored all the sudden. They happen because a line (whatever that may be) has been crossed that shouldn't've been. Lying is one of my lines. It apparently isn't your's but that's you not me. 5. next time you want to argue with me use spell check please as spelling/grammar errors annoy me and take the focus off what you're trying to say. 6. Yes it abso-FUCKIN-lutely makes sense to me. Because I don't live in a perfect rainbow colored world where everyone forgives and forgets your every transgression and is happy all the time. I live in the really world without blinders on. 7. I know what I'm talking about in regards to MY OWN opinion with lies as I've had to deal with broken trust. So don't imply that I'm being completely unreasonable with my personal standards because you don't know me or what I've been through. And yes you've made me angry if you can't tell. Why you feel the need to tell anyone their opinion is 'dumb' just because you don't agree with it I don't know. People are allowed to have different views and shouldn't be made to feel attacked just because they don't see it the same as you, just for future reference. The only thing I feel 'dumb' about is letting you get to me with a touchy subject for me.
Well I mean even if it started off as a lie, if it ended up being real then there wouldn't be as much of a problem with me as it might be for someone else, but it would still hurt my feelings
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