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Do you consider yourself a horror buff? Or maybe you're someone who HATES scary movies?

Either way, I'm curious: How well can you handle a jump scare?

YouTube channel BurgerFiction recently edited a video of some of the most iconic and horrifying jump scare scenes of the past 40 years, presenting this challenge to all who view it:

1. Turn off the lights.

2. Put on headphones.

3. Make the video full-screen.

4. Good luck.

Do you dare try to watch the full video yourself?

I was able to make it through the first three minutes until I finally reached a whole bunch of NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. (But then again, I'm a huge wimp. You might do better.)
Let me know how you guys do in the comments below. Or yell at me for convincing you to do this. Whatever works.
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I love horror movies. of course it has shocking elements to me but I'm not scared enough.
I'd like to watch horror movies but I just can't xD whenever they put those scary background tracks I pass out so imagine! This because I watched the ring when I was 5.
it is scary.But when u already expecting sumthing to pop up it became less shocking.
I laughed most of the time. But who actually gets scared from that scene from LOTR? I watched it as a kid and it didn't scare me lol.