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Okay now I know what's going on and that is really messed up too
But as always mothers knows best and Jr was definitely right. And Mark really needs to get new friends cause really saying that nigga means brother? Really?? Bambam doesn't know English that well and I can tell she knew that and basically took advantage that he doesn't knowEnglish that well and I wanted to see how a fool he is saying that out loud ( well that's what I think)
But still even so he's under age and franker liquor but c'mon are you really complaining when basically teenagers do drink liquor even to try it?

But no matter what they do I'll still love them!!!

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@SusiBosshammer wait like giant gallons of water or water bottles
@SimplyAwkward just a water bottle and no Marks parent werent there.
@SusiBosshammer I feel bad for the fans that got wet from his so called "Friends"
@SusiBosshammer Oh do it's marks friends that started this shit? Oh boy do they have a hurricane of angry fans coming for them lmao
I do my little brother loves mark the most but I love them as a whole