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Sunggyu used to be in a rock band before Infinite, and is very open about his music taste.

Here's a sample of what is probably on his ipod based on interviews he's had:

Nell - Farewell

This entire album (Healing Process) Sunggyu is a HUGE Nell fan and talks about this album constantly.

Ne-Yo - Because of You

Sunggyu often covers Ne-Yo songs because their tones are very similar! He originally didn't like R&B but Ne-Yo helped him get into it :D

The 1975 - Somebody Else

At the end of the day, Sunggyu will always be a rock fan. The 1975 is the perfect blend of rock, pop, and dance that is right up Sunggyu's alley. (Song starts 3 minutes into the video)

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (Acoustic)

Like Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber has a similar tone to Sunggyu and he often covers Bieber songs!

Cherry Filter - 오리날다

This is a Korean throwback and was a super popular pop rock group that most people Sunggyu's age remember and love!

언니네 이발관 - 천국의 나날들

언니네 이발관 is actually one of my favorite Korean indie groups and I highly recommend them. Some of their albums are very similar to Nell so Sunggyu listens to them a lot too!

I hope you enjoyed his playlist!

Does anyone have similar taste to Sunggyu?

...who gave this dude my Playlist favorites?
My music taste is very different from his, but I'll still check these songs out to see if there's a chance I like any 🙂
Actually my phone has a variety from pop to metal then from anime and songs from video games
My phone only has kpop!
Sunggyu maybe my bias in Infinite, but our playlists most definitely vary seeing as I'm a bigger fan of most pop and surprisingly heavy metal 😂
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